Things Needed

Things to consider bringing - All Hunters 

Clean scent free EXTRA CLOTHES and extra camo

THERMACELL-hogs aren't the only things that bites

  • Alcoholic beverages
    Centerville is a Dry town ,so buy your beer ,wine ,whiskey before you get here -Beer is 18 miles away
  •  Insurance will not allow us to provide alcohol-Alcohol will be allowed ,but not provided and only permitted after evening hunt. 
  • Unscented soap & Shampoo (Hogs have a keen sense of smell)
  • Scent-A-Way anti perspirant Deoderant(H.S.Scents)Hogs have a keen sense of smell  
  • Ziplock bags -for snacks and backstraps 
  • Heavy Duty Trash Bags 
  • Cover Scent or mating scent
  • Unscented bug spray  
  • Large ice Chests with ice - 100 qt or larger -these hog are big
  • Binoculars
  • Flashlight 
  • Range Finder
  • Pre-sighted gun with scope
  • Premium ammo--no FMJ bullets-Hogs are hard animals to take down .Don't waste your trophy with cheap ammo
  • Bow and Arrows -sighted in -  Lumenok (lighted arrow nock) highly recommend-FIXED BROADHEADS ONLY -NO MECHANICAL
  • Camera and batteries
  • Skinning Knife and sharpner 
  • Hunting clothing for wet(raingear), warm & cold conditions (hunters orange going to and from hunting area)
  • snake boots are recomended-for leg protection  
  • Sun Glasses    
  • Valid TX Hunting License
  • Firearm cleaning kit


- Things you need to bring (if package doesn't include meals)

 Food,Coffee,Drinks and snacks

Charcoal & Lighter Fluid  



  • Dish Soap

  • SLEEPING BAGS & Pillow