EFFECTIVE JANUARY 1st 2017: A $100 per day fee applies if you cancel within 14 days of your reservation.

$100.00 per day includes:

  • One nights lodging
  • 2 hunts pm/am
  • Transportation to and from blind
  • Blinds
  • Feeders and corn
  • Feeder Lights
  • Tracking
  • Game retrieval
  • Use of Cleaning station(water,hoist and weight scale)
  • Use of Walk-in cooler

Be advised : 50% to 60% of the hogs you will see will be in the Big to Trophy class,ranging from 175 to 300+ pounds with 2 to inch tusk and suitable for mounting.

Blood And Or Evidence Of Wounded Game               
Equal A Kill And All Fees apply($125/wounded animal)

Trophy Fee:

  • Meat Hog:               0 -174 lbs = $1.25/lb - $1.50/lb
  • Big Hog:         175 lbs -224 lbs or 2 in tusk = $1.75/lb
  • Trophy Boar:    225 lbs and up or 3 in tusk= $2.25/lb
Non hunting guest $ 50.00/day
Includes lodging
One on One Personal Guide $ 100/Day -Both PM and AM hunt
                                          $  60/ PM hunt only
Film your hunt -we will film your hunt and send you a DVD of your harvest -$100/evening
Hogs Skinned and Quartered
    174 and down  $25
    175 and up      $35
Heads Capped for Mounting or Euro mounts -$30.00 
Euro Skull mounts $125/hd



  • High Roller - Day fee $250/day(Plus trophy fee see below)(you don't HIT one ,you don't pay trophy fee -No minimum number of hunters.  You can book 1.5 days for $400
  • Package includes:
    1 -nights lodging
    2-meals(evening meal , breakfast,(no lunch),snacks,non-alco beverages,Bread ,assorted cold cuts and cheese are always in the refrigerator for noon Lunch or late night snack ),chips
    2 hunts pm/am
    Transportation to and from blind
    Feeders and corn
    Game Recovery
    Game Skinned and quartered (2 hogs /day, $25/hog after 2)
    Head Caped for Mounting
    $125/day non-hunting guest(meals included)
    We provide everything except Weapons and Ice chest
    WE can customize this hunt ANY WAY YOU WANT-you tell us what you want the hunt to be and we will make it happen
    Upon recieving your deposit High Roller Package the hunter will recieve an e-mail outlining meal plans and choices to be sent back to us ,so we can make your hunt a memoral one.If you are diabetic or have a special diatary need please tell us.
  • Trophy Fee:

    • Meat Hog:            0 -174 lbs = $1.25/lb - $1.50/lb
    • Big Hog:             175 lb -224 or 2in tusk = $1.75/lb
    • Trophy Hog : 225 lbs and up or 3 in tusk = $2.25/lb


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For supper, we specialize in hand-cut, thick  Rib-Eye Steaks grilled to your liking, served with potatoes, salad, bread, and great homemade desserts.Since hunters will want to take advantage of the early morning to hunt, breakfasts will be continental style with breakfast rolls, English muffins with jelly, jams, and honey; cereal, milk, orange juice, and coffee.Departing Day breakfast - bisquits and gravy,eggs and breakfast meats,breakfast cassaroles ,or Breakfast Tacos(ask about the Keechi Pie)

Ribeye Steak Dinner-18oz ribeye
Grilled Pork loin or Grilled Pork Chops
Chicken Fried Steak
Seafood Gumbo or Etuffee -with crawfish Cornbread
Shrimp Boil -Corn,potatos and sausage
Grilled or BBQ Shrimp
Homemade Italian Dinner
Beer Can Chicken
Fish Fry -hushpuppies,french fries,and slaw
Texas BBQ - Brisket,Ribs,Sausage-Beans and Potato Salad
Wild Whole Pig Roast -BBQ--Groups 6 or more
Crawfish Boil-Corn,potatos and sausage - When in Season-Groups of 6 or more


Ask about:

  All active Military or WW2,Vietnam,Gulf War or Iraq veteran -10% off total bill

  • GrandFather/Grandchild Package(children under 12 hunt for 1/2/day price of the adults hunt) Meat hogs only, No trophy Boars


  • Father/child Package(children under 12 hunt for 1/2 price/day of the adults hunt)Meat hogs only,No trophy Boars

        Single moms ask about packages availible where we can take your son or daughter and we can supply firearm

        We take cash,personal check or company check


        Have a Question about Pricing?  Click here and ask!